MBE Assessment

Essay title
Why are evolutionary approaches to the firm important in understanding industry development? Please provide examples to illustrate your answer.
Material from lectures 7-8, particularly helpful
Read Douma & Schreuder

THERE IS NO PERFECT PLAN! We expect slightly different answers to the questions here.
I will not be looking at plans and can only answer questions about the assignment in open engagement sessions.

Explaining the concepts
What are evolutionary approaches
The material by Hannan & Freeman, Nelson & Winter will be important but there are other

Question is asking you to focus on importance.
Question is not discounting the fact that other approaches might be useful to understanding the
development of industries.
What to think about in answering the question; example criteria we will consider
Does the student provide an introduction providing the background/context to the essay and setting out the general direction of the argument?
Does the student provide an explanation of evolutionary approaches and reveal an
understanding of theoretical frameworks?
Does the student elucidate what we might understand by industry development in
context of the question?
Does the student then critically examine the importance of evolutionary approaches in
understanding industry development?
Does the student provide good examples which illustrate the discussion and concepts, are
the examples appropriate?
Is there an appropriate set of conclusions to the paper bringing the arguments of the
essay together? Does the student answer the question?
Is there evidence of reading and research to inform the essay, and is there an appropriate
What is the overall quality of the paper and write up?
Has the student exceeded the word limit?
Examples to illustrate are critical
Are some good examples from economic history including car industry ones

The textbook
Journal papers on evolutionary frameworks to firms and industries
FT & Economist may provide material
Use search terms in Scopus etc

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