MGDI 60151 Human Resource Development: Key Concepts ASSIGNMENT 1

About this Assignment
The main purpose of this assignment is to help improve students’ study and writing skills. It is
intended, therefore, to provide an opportunity for guidance to students on how to meet the
standards expected on their master’s degree programme. The assessment is formative is nature
and the emphasis are essentially to help study fellows change their academic behaviours, where
necessary by providing adequate information regarding what the they have done right or
The Question
The contemporary environment within which human resource development (HRD) is practiced
is changing and this has implications for how HRD is understood and interpreted. Globalisation
and the ideas of the learning society and knowledge-based economy have led to an increasing
emphasis on high skills and a growing interconnectedness of societies. The influence of these
issues on organisations and societies are wide-ranging, diverse, and creates complex and
shifting contexts for HRD theory and practice.
Drawing on what you have learned in this course so far and from your independent
study, critically explore the changing roles of HRD practitioners in contemporary
context, and discuss how HRD can help to accelerate socio-economic and human
development, especially in the global South?

General Instructions
The paper should be written in proper narrative form. It should include an introduction, a supporting body of information and a conclusion. The paper should be written in your own original words.
Your response should be supported by examples, relevant data and research.
The paper should include a cover sheet that contains your student ID and table of contents. Please DO NOT include your name on the coversheet or anywhere else.
The paper should include a list of references of all works cited.

Sources and Referencing
If you use any outside sources, please cite them using the Harvard referencing format. Please
only include works that were actually cited in your essay in the reference list. If you are
unsure about how to use Harvard format to cite your sources, please see the following
resources provided by the John Rylands Library:

Presentation and Formatting
Assignments must be word processed: 12pt font size, with at least 1.5 line spacing in a font
type which ensures readability such as Times, Times New Roman, Palatino, Garamond, Arial,
Verdana, Tahoma and Trebuchet. Single spacing may be used for quotations and references.
You MUST NOT change, paraphrase, re-word or alter any of the assignment questions
in any form or guise. You might be penalised for doing so.

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