NBS8327 – Research Methods for IBM End-of-module summative assessment

With reference to academic literature, discuss the issues to be considered when analysing research data.

In your response, you must draw on and cite at least four methodological journal
articles and two empirical journal articles on a topic relevant for your programme of

▪ Methodological journals include Organizational Research Methods, Journal of Mixed Methods Research and Qualitative Research (see the module’s ‘Library Reading list’, ‘Journals – Methodology and Methods’ section for more journal titles)

▪ Articles that report and discuss academic research projects are to be considered as empirical; examples of journals that include such articles are vast, but include The International Journal of Human Resource Management; Journal of International Business Studies; Work, Employment and Society; Organization Studies; and Academy of Management Journal. For more journal titles, see ‘Module Handbook’, the Library website or draw on articles published in journals used in other modules on the programme.
In completing your Assessment, you must engage with recent research – that is:
▪ methodological articles that have been published in the past 10 years
▪ empirical articles that have a publication date in the last 7 years

Approaching the Assessment:
You choose how to address the Assessment brief and we do not wish to be prescriptive, but you might start by considering the data analysis approach that most interests you (this could be the approach that you are likely to use in your future studies).

Then, search methodological journals to source articles that discuss your chosen approach. Read the articles to acquire knowledge of the data analysis approach; for example, what are its strengths, weaknesses, when is it useful, what are the potential problems etc. You would not simply describe the strengths and weaknesses etc. of the approach to data analysis in your response; rather, this broad knowledge gives you a foundation to build on.
Next, search for empirical articles that use your chosen approach to data analysis and consider what issues (things) the author(s) took into account when analysing the data they had collected. When you have read a number of empirical studies and understood the research project – its aims, processes and claims – then you can apply and integrate your knowledge from the methodological journal articles with the lessons from the empirical articles to address the Assessment brief.

You must keep all documentation relating to your Assessment until the marks have been confirmed by the Board of Examiners at the end of your programme of study

Marking and Feedback:
▪ This Assessment is worth 70% of the module mark
▪ Your Assessment will be marked in accordance with the marking scheme
provided in your degree programme handbook and the ‘Postgraduate
Assessment Criteria’ posted to Canvas
▪ We endeavour to provide you with your grade and individual feedback via
TurnItIn within 20 working days of the end of assessment period


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