New Tech Business Leaders

1.What is the difference between a thin client, desktop, and workstation computer?


What are types of enterprise storage? Describe each in detail and explain why an organization would choose one over another?


Why is virtualization critical to the modern business enterprise?


There are three types of system software. What are they? Given an example for each type.


What is the difference between Windows, Mac OS, Linux OS, Chrome OS, Android OS, and Unix OS?

Why is data cleansing an important part of operational maturity and sustainability in the enterprise?


What is Database as a Service? What are four advantages?


Explain Leavitt’s Diamond Model and its relationship with enterprise computing/systems?

What is the difference between WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC?


Describe four (4) types of IoT applications and their degrees of sensing/action?

How do data scientist play a role in managing large data sets and BI data collections?

What is self-service analytics? What is it appropriate to use such a technique?

What is the difference between B2B, B2C, C2C, and G2C in e-commerce/m-commerce?

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