Operations Management Task

Word count requirements
The word count for this assignment is 3000 words.
You must state on the front of your assignment the number of words used and
this will be checked.
The main text for this assignment must be word-processed in Arial, font 12, double spacing, minimum 2cm margins all around.
You must observe the word count specified in this assignment brief. The School has a policy of accepting variations to the recommended word count of plus or minus 10%.
What does this mean for you?
Markers will mark your work up to the word count maximum plus 10% and then will stop marking; therefore all words which are in excess of the word count plus 10% will not be marked.
Where your word count is more than 10% below that specified, it is likely that this will result in a lack of analytical depth or relevant content, which will be reflected in the mark assigned.

What is in the word count?
The word count includes:
– the main text, including in-text reference citations and quotations.
The word count does not include:
– Appendices.
These may be used to include supporting data, which may be too
detailed or complex to include as a Table. They are not a device to
incorporate material, which would otherwise cause you to exceed the
word limit.
– Title page
– Contents page
– Abstract/executive summary
– Tables, figures, legends
– Reference lists
– Acknowledgements


Assignment Content
In this assignment, you are to write a research report of a comparative study
on the operation management practices of two retail stores, H&M vs Primark
in the UK. You will need to include the following discussions in the report.
You can use the online resources without needing to visit the shops.
You should include relevant literature to support your arguments.
Task 1
What are the major differences in operation management practices between
these two retail stores? You will need to consider the key aspects of operation
topics such as inventory management, layout and flow, process management,
and supply chain management. You only need to focus on two selected
aspects in your discussion. [40 marks]

Task 2
Analyse and discuss the differences in operation strategies of the two retail stores, and how their operations strategies influence the operation settings of the two shops. [25 marks]

Task 3
Select one of the two retail stores (either H&M or Primark) and develop a
project plan for the selected store to improve its operations performance. In
the project plan, select one of the following management techniques and
discuss the potential benefits, feasibility, implementation, and challenges of
applying the selected technique.
• 5S
• Gap analysis
• Total Quality Management (TQM)

[35 marks]


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