Placement assessment

Placement assessment:

1. 1000 words 4-week diary, each week 250 words, content can be made up from placement report
2. 4000 words placement report
3. pls see client’s message on folder, mentioned which parts need to be covered.
4. client had placement in a beauty company, doing beauty, nail businesses

Marketing communications based work – Any form of marketing communications may be included e.g.) events, social media. A 4,000 word essay inclusive of reflective learning.

Your portfolio is required to include:
1. a daily reflective diary or placement journal (4 weeks)

For longer placements, excerpts from this will suffice.
It is recommended you keep a daily reflective diary, including any key learning experiences in placement/project or internship. This will be invaluable in the reflective part of the module.

Try to set time aside each day to do this.

2. Examples of your placement/internship/project work
Where possible collect copies of examples of your work. The portfolio is both an illustration and evidence of the work you achieve. Be certain to obtain permission for this if uncertain.

e.g. Examples of work could include press releases, links to videos you have produced, copies of reports, event planning documents, copy-writing, stakeholder engagement materials. Be sure to clarify your contribution in any examples produced collaboratively.

Examples of work

Further develop functional business communications and media skills in professional setting

Practically observe and critically assess and analyse an organisation’s communication needs in relation to an agreed placement, considering the organisations communications systems and the socio-economic contexts it operates within.

To reflect on professional communications needs via your placement, to deepen understanding of communications and PR theories, their use, and limitations, within the context of overall operations and influences (internal and external.)
To develop strategy and recommendations based on reflection of experiential and shared experiential learning.

Also learning outcomes specific to agreement with employer and stated on the signed agreement form.

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