POL6616 2020-2021 Coursework

Overview: The challenge of decolonising development is widespread and growing,
particularly at a time of #BLM and #MeToo. And it is hard to make decolonisation work in
practice, and attempts to decolonise can end up re-producing and replicating the
structures and inequalities that they have sought to contest. This task will introduce you to
some of the key debates and issues and help with the preparation of the blog.
Task: Explain in one to two pages what new topic (or topics) and /or teaching tasks you
would add to this module to decolonise it.
Readings and Resources
Please look at the core readings below and your own selection of the supplementary
Esson, J. et al (2017) ‘The 2017 RGS-IBG chair’s theme: decolonising geographical
knowledges, or reproducing coloniality?’ Area 49(3): 384-88.
Tuck, E. and Yang, K.W. (2012) ‘Decolonization is not a metaphor.’ Decolonization:
Indigeneity, Education & Society. 1(1): 1-40
This lecture by Paige West: https://politicalecologynetwork.org/2018/09/01/paigewest-keynote-lecture-at-pollen18-conference-oslo-20-june-2018/
Connell, R. (2007) ‘The Northern Theory of Globalization.’ Sociological Theory 25(4):
Kothari, U. (2006) ‘An agenda for thinking about ‘race’ in development.’ Progress in
Development Studies 6(1): 9-23.
Mbembe, A.J. (2016) ‘Decolonizing the university: New directions.’ Arts & Humanities in
Higher Education: 15(1) 29–45
Mignolo, W.D., and Walsh, C.E. (2018) On Decoloniality: Concepts, Analytics, Praxis.
Durham, NC: Duke University Press.
Mudimbe, V. Y. (1994) The Idea of Africa. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.
Ndolovu-Gatsheni, S. J. (2020) ‘The cognitive empire, politics of knowledge and African
intellectual productions: reflections on struggles for epistemic freedom and
resurgence of decolonisation in the twenty-first century’ Third World Quarterly.
Pailey, R.N. (2019) ‘De-centring the ‘White Gaze’ of Development.’ Development and
Change 51(3): 729–745.
Patel, K. (2020) ‘Race and a decolonial turn in development studies.’ Third World
Quarterly. https://doi.org/10.1080/01436597.2020.1784001
Santos, B. de S. (2014) Epistemologies of the South. Justice against Epistemicide. London:
Tuhiwai Smith, L. 1999. Decolonizing methodologies: Research and Indigenous Peoples.
London: Zed Books.
West, P. Dispossession and the Environment. Rhetoric and Inequality in Papua New
Guinea. New York, Columbia University Press
Other Resources:
This lecture by Vandana Shiva:

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