Portfolio Assessment Essay

The essay requirement is: 2,500-word portfolio assessment consisting of 5 x 500-word(The following 5 topics are required for each Topic 500 words) critical reflections based on the core readings
from the different seminar topics of the module. The Module Name is Approaches to Political Economy, and the five seminar topics covered in the module are:
1. The Liberal Tradition
2. The Critical Tradition
3. The Institutionalist Tradition
4. The Feminist Tradition
5. The Post-colonial Tradition
The readings and slides are in the attachment zip file, each 500-word reflection should have at least 5 references and please refer to reading materials in the attachment first.
Some of examples are also attached for your reference of writing, and please read the attached criteria file before writing. Harvard referencing style. Use Academic English. Do not fake citations.

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