Principles of Responsible Business in Society: coursework Assessments

1) Coursework: 100%

• Submission: December 17st, 2020, 12 noon
i. 2,000 words (+/- 10%) essay
• Including 500 words reflection
ii. Research table
• Academic referencing applies
• Choice of four topics

2) Continuous assessment / learning journal
• 10% deduction if not fully submitted by the end of week 11

3) Reassessment, Coursework, 2,000 words

1. Analyse the conflict (arena) around biodiversity and neonicotinoid based pesticides from the
perspective of an agrochemical company – possible choices BASF, Bayer, Syngenta.
2. Analyse the conflict (arena) around tampon tax with focus on the UK.
3. Analyse the public reporting of a fashion company involved in a sustainability conflict.
Critically comment on the company’s identification of risks through SDG reporting.
Note: The company needs to be listed at a stock exchange and publish (annual) reports in
#sustainabilityreporting #SDG
4. Select a company of your choice involved in fast fashion, take an investor perspective and
develop an engagement plan.
Note: The company needs to be listed at a stock exchange in an English-speaking country.

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