Project Management Assignment – Part 1

Read all the 4 articles in the links at the end and using your textbook, answer these questions: 1. Define the main characteristics of successful project managers and address specifically two bad things that unsuccessful project managers sometimes do. 2. Lean management is viewed by many as the means to foster positive reforms in industry. Share your views on lean manufacturing from the viewpoint of a project manager. 3. Explain the importance and roles of project team and project management systems in successful project management. Post your answers in the “Discussion Board”, under the forum “Project Management”.


All the answers should be in single spaced, Times Roman 12, APA 6th edition or higher with references and in-text citations any plagiarism is considered zero.


All 4 Articles needs to be reviewed and links:

Topic 1: Born to Lead Projects


Topic 2: How to be successful in 2020 (Change your life with 3 steps)


Topic 3: Advanced planning and scheduling


Topic 4: 5 Tips for Leading Cross-Functional Teams

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