REQUIREMENT: Writer chooses a topic from three options

Writer chooses a topic from three options
1. You ran a small business and you have been hearing so much about the importance of personalised customer service, you are note sure what this means or whether it will increase your business, but you want to fine out more. First what is personalised customer service? how do other businesses provide this? How have other businesses profited from this? are there hidden costs? Is it worth it?

2. Email marketing is cheap and fast. but most consumers hate receiving “spam.” Your boss cannot decide whether to use direct-mail advertising or email messages to boost your company’s sales. He asked you to assess the pros and cons of each from the standpoint of the customer and the company. He is particularly interested in the legal liabilities associated with each one. Ultimately, he wants you to decide which one is better.

3. Many banks are facing increasing competition from online services and cellular phone companies, there new companies are offering consumers and merchants an alternative to processing customer purchase payments, for which banks traditionally have charged a fee. investigate how this trend will affect traditional banking practices in the future how will banks cope with these changes and retain customers? 


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