Research Report

This requires the completion of 3 elements: 1) Software Architecture, 2) Analysis & Design, 3) Report & Overview.


Coursework Documentation/Report

You are asked to address the aims and business requirements by producing a report, based on your own wider reading and research including relevant citations to recent literature, which covers:

1. Software Architecture (20%)

This should include selection, analysis and evaluation of architectural styles based on the work undertaken in the broader subject area. This should also include some recommendations for a suitable, to the above problem, architectural style.

2. Architecture Comparison (20%)

This should include the overview of the benefits of software architecture using software quality factors, highlighting advantages and disadvantages of two architectural styles such as object and service orientation, and a suitability analysis of the service based architecture.

3. Analysis & Design (20%)

This should include a discussion of your analysis and design aspects decisions. It should also include requirement specification and design diagrams such as component, class and sequence diagrams.

4. Migration Strategy and Technologies (20%)

This should include selection and reviewing potential Cloud services, mapping of a selected architecture onto the Cloud with clear migration strategy. This should also include and the potential technologies for the implementation.

5. Report & Overview (20%)

This covers the report’s overall content, research, legal, social and ethical issues associated with software construction, referencing, flow and structure.

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