SCS6089 Digital Identities: Self-reflective Report/Diary 2500 words

Assessment: Self-reflective Report/Diary (100%)
Word Length: 2500 words.
Deadline: Tuesday 2nd February, 2021, by
The aim of this assessment is for you to obtain a deeper understanding of your digital identity and
the role of digital communication in your everyday life: what do you do online? Why do you do it?
Who are you when you use social media and other communication spaces? And what does digital
communication mean to you?
For this assessment, you will need to:
1. Keep an individual narrative/diary of your online identity negotiations for one week. You can
keep the diary on paper or digitally and you will be required to draw on the diary in your
report, either through screenshots/images or direct quotes. You do not need to submit the
whole diary as part of your assessment;
2. Draw on the weekly readings to make sense of your practices. You might focus on a specific
practice (e.g., running a pseudonymous account on social media, managing your different
audiences) or a series of practices (e.g., selfie-taking, or avoiding using social media apps
altogether), and:
3. Present your findings in the form of a 2500-word report. You are expected to use images in
your report (e.g., screenshots) but please do not identify other internet users in your report
NB: the work for this module should only be submitted through Turnitin – no hard copy of the
work will be required, as marking and feedback will be provided online – further details follow

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