Security Investment Analysis Summative Assessment

The summative assessment details are now available on DUO and you should have
already had an email asking you to sign up to the Summative Challenge. If you have
not already done so, please complete your registration as a matter of urgency. The
link to StockTrak that enables you to sign up is given below:
Please use your first and second names to identify your portfolio. If you have already
used your name to create on account just add as SUM (for summative) at the end of
your name and that should enable you to enrol. (The reason I suggest this is that
stock track will not allow you 2 create 2 accounts with the same name and it stores in
its memory previous file names).
I have extended the registration period until 5.00pm UK time on Friday 25th
Once you have created an account you should start constructing your portfolio
immediately – the longer the trading period the better.
Please remember that it is imperative to have an underlying investment philosophy
and a strategy which is consistent with it. Furthermore, you should provide
explanations as to how you have chosen the assets that comprise your portfolio. If
appropriate you should use fundamental analysis and/or technical analysis as the
basis for your investment decision-making. Passive strategies also require a full explanation.

If you use technical analysis examples of the charts used should be provided in your
final report. Although the illustrative video of technical analysis provided on DUO
uses Bloomberg, there are alternatives that can be accessed on the internet, for
example, Yahoo Finance, so there are plenty of opportunities to carry out technical
analysis if you wish.
Whilst the investment period is a relatively short (8 to 10 weeks) nevertheless it is
possible to base your analysis on a long-term strategy and philosophy; you are not
constrained to adopting a short run approach.
Can I remind everybody that if they have any queries relating to the module, or the
summative assessment to raise them via the Discussion Board on the DUO site. The
reason I ask you to do so is that it is likely that several of you will ask the same or
very similar questions and it is easier to answer them once rather than through
several emails that are essentially the same. Furthermore, it disseminates the
information to the group as a whole so no-one has access to ‘private’ information.

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