Services and Retail Strategy Assignment

• As a group you will prepare an 8mins presentation
• Pre-recorded and uploaded on Canvas
• Assignment question:
Considering the online simulation game 1
(click the link for the game) that you played during the seminars and your learning from the module, redesign the shop in the game. Use the following questions to prepare your presentation in your group.
• What different activities/decisions you would make it to be successful? Why?
• How would you alter the design of the shop? Why?
• How would you change the service elements of the shop? Why?
• What would your retail mix look like? Why?
All your decisions should be supported by appropriate theoretical arguments (you need to use references and citations in your presentation). Use appropriate services/retail/marketing/strategy/and management theory to justify your arguments
(Use at least 8 academic references)
Groups are formed of max. 6 students as per the school policy
Module Learning Outcomes:
In this assessment the following learning outcomes will be covered:

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