STO306 Current Issues in Management

Assignment Part 1
 Cambium Networks (
 Dunbia (
 Norbord ( now part of West Fraser

You are required to select ONE of the organisations listed above and:
Critically evaluate their Sustainability practices against theory and best practice by:
Researching the company using secondary sources to make justified conclusions and
recommendations based on the issues evaluated.
The report should be approximately 2,000 words in length and must involve a review of
academic theory on the issues covered.
Please note that you must use one of the companies listed above as the use of any
other company will not be marked and a fail will be recorded
Submission Deadline: 12:00 noon, Thursday 25th March 2021
• Please ensure that your work is uploaded at least 2 hours before the deadlines to avoid
any problems linked to slow uploads etc.
• Please ensure that you receive a digital receipt that your file has successfully uploaded.
• Please submit one file only – i.e. don’t have the main body of the report as one file and
the summary as another file etc. Combine everything into one file.
• Anonymous marking is being done so please do not include your name on the file


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