Engineering Ethics

Engineering Ethics

Reading this: “Anony Moose Data Corporation (AMDC) recently hired Gator Engineer (GE) as a software engineer. AMDC’s projects include important governmental initiatives. GE’s first assignment from the supervisor was to write software that provides security for documents emailed within the company. After completing the project, GE reads about another company that made similar software available …

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PHIL 215 – Engineering Ethics Essay

PHIL 215 – Engineering Ethics Paper #1 Due: September 28th Format: 4 pages, 12 pt. Times New Roman, 1”margins, double-spaced, stapled, Works Cited pg, in-text citations (author p#) Paper #1 – What Job Can You Accept? Applying Moral Reasoning For this assignment, use the case of Gerald Wahr to illustrate your view regarding moral obligation …

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Titanic Case Study Analysis ( Ethical Perspective) – 4 Pages

For this assignment, research an engineering ethics case study of your choice and demonstrate an ability to analyze the the issue from an ethical perspective. Summarize the most important facts about the case, and explain why particular decisions or actions were immoral. *At least two academic sources.   · Explain the details of the issues/cases you …

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