Topic: Reflection 05 – The Hero’s Ordeal

Topic: Reflection 05 – The Hero’s Ordeal

Chapter(s): 10, 11, 12

Scenario: Work/Discussion (In-Class Work)

Format: Written (Title page, 4 Paragraphs)

Reflections: Crisis

1) Why can’t perfect IT system security be achieved?
[Format: 1 paragraph – Must cite sources]

2) If security can never be perfect, how should an effective IT department manage against malicious threats?
[Format: 1 paragraph or infographic – Must cite sources]


3) Why didn’t Williams fire Barton?
[Format: 1 paragraph]

4) How should Barton communicate with people outside the IT department to rebuild his organization’s credibility?
[Format: 1 paragraph – Must cite sources]

Important Note: Answers without citations, misleading citations, or from CourseHero/Chegg will result in a Zero “1” (tells me at a glance that you ‘plagiarized’ / did not think) for the entire assignment for the entire Team.

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