UCLan Coursework BU3310 Portfolio Assessment

 This coursework assessment is worth 50% of the overall module grade, in which you are required to compile your best 4 or 5 responses to the stimulus material provided throughout the duration of this module.
 Each response to the stimulus material should be treated as an independent piece, and therefore your finished portfolio would consist of 4 or 5 section.
 To ensure that you maximize the wordcount, there is no need to produce an introduction nor a conclusion.
 The portfolio submission should only consist of the coversheet, your 4 or 5 responses, and a list of
references to support the writing.
 Marking criteria for this assessment and weightings are provided below.
 This assessment tests module learning outcomes 1, 2, 3 and 4 (available for you in the module information

 All material covered from week 1 up to week 7 (including lecture and seminar material) is relevant to help you produce and edit your responses.
 Please refer to the module information pack (available on both Blackboard and Teams) for access to the module’s materials.

Submission should consist of the coversheet, 4 or 5 sections (the responses to stimulus material) and a reference list. The total of the wordcount (the whole submission with exception of the coversheet and the reference list) should not exceed 2000 words (+/- 10% as per university guidelines, meaning you can submit a minimum of 1800 words, and a maximum of 2200 words)

Use the provided coversheet as the 1st page of your submitted assessment.
1. Provide each response separately. Do not group all your sections as one essay. Diagrams or tables may be used in the text, appropriately referenced. Longer tables/data should be added as an appendix
(excluded from the wordcount).

2. The work should be properly referenced with a Reference list at the end of the work, and using the LBSE
Referencing Guide and Cite them Right (there is a link to Cite them Right on the new guide) for
referencing protocol.

3. Quotations should be brief, and appropriately marked and referenced (author, work, date and page
number). Any longer than one sentence should be indented (1cm from each of the left and right hand
margins). Inappropriately quoted work will be penalised.

4. Heavy reliance on a limited range of source material, badly referenced work, or heavy reliance on
quotations, will be considered poor scholarship and penalised.

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