Week 2 Seminar Task: Crisis Management Concepts and Theory

Task 1
1. Attempt the definition of crisis
(Avoid googling crisis definitions, instead be creative and try to come up with a unique definition of a crisis for yourself). Who knows, you might be the next crisis management star!

2. What features can you elicit from the crisis case study you have researched that qualifies it as a crisis?


Task 2
You are managing director of ABCD Meat Packaging Ltd.
1. You have flushed waste into a stream at the rear of your factory for many years.
2. With an increase in business you have begun to flush out more waste
3. An Environment Agency test finds that the stream is highly toxic due to waste contamination. They suggest that the cause is either your plant, stagnation or insecticides from farming operations.
4. They warn the local town that all households should boil their water before drinking it as the stream supplies the reservoir from which its water supply is sourced.
5. There is a public outcry and a local action group threaten your company with legal action that could force bankruptcy.
6. They demand that you stop dumping waste immediately and clear up any
7. As managing director of ABCD, list the five actions that you would take to mitigate the crisis in order of priority.


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