Week 4 Seminar Assessment Briefing: Strategic Stakeholder Communications or Engagement Plan

Assessment Briefing
 Your task should you choose to accept it…..
 2500 word Strategic Stakeholder Communications or Engagement Plan incorporating stakeholder mapping.
 Strategic Stakeholder Communications Plan (2500 words, 100%)
 You will produce a full strategic communications plan for a project or activity which covers all the
elements of the communications planning and delivery process. This should be presented within a
recognised communications framework e.g. SOSTAC and include situation analysis, objectives,
strategy, tactics, and how success will be evaluated. The plan must contain an explanation and
demonstration of stakeholder mapping using a recognised mapping tool and a theoretical evaluation
of approaches to stakeholder management. Finally you should include a timeline for implementation
of the communications activity.

Learning Outcomes to be Assessed
 Display understanding and application of strategic stakeholder communications planning and
mapping across both organisational and management communications.
 Apply a range of theoretical frameworks to manage communications and relationships with different groups of stakeholders
 Balance communications planning across all stakeholder groups according to stakeholder salience
 Analyse and understand contextual considerations of strategic communications in practice, for
example the challenges and synergies in integrated marketing communications campaigns.

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