Week 4 Task: Build your own Bow Tie

This week’s lecture is all about the BowTie Method – a powerful risk/crisis management tool that
provides a visual output of the risks and threats an organisation is exposed to, the consequences of
losing control of such threats and a range of resources available to the organisation in dealing with
the threats, including who is responsible for what tasks.
To gain an appreciation of the Bow Tie method and how to build one, you will need to read the
lecture slides and the supporting PDF document in Week 4 folder. You are also encouraged to watch
the CGE video at the bottom end of week 4 folder for a step-by-step guide on how to develop a Bow
Using a threat or hazard event of your choice (terrorism, business disruption, bankruptcy, defective
product, corruption, industrial accident, risk of COVID-19 transmission, supply chain
disruption……..the list is endless), develop a simple BOWTIE.
 To avoid an overly complex Bowtie diagram, please use only two items for each parts of the
Bowtie (i.e. Two items for the threats, consequences, control barriers, recovery barriers etc.)
 A template has been uploaded to Blackboard – feel free to build on this, or you can choose
to create your own.
 Provide a compelling Title for your BowTie.
You must complete this task prior to your timetabled seminar in Week 4 and not during the
seminar. Each developed BowTie will be shared with your seminar tutor and used as the basis to
initiate discussions at the seminar.

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